Friday, July 5, 2013

Future worries for special needs kids

As I look back it is hard to believe that my kids are now teenagers.  Where the time went I don't know. The last I looked they were entering middle and high school. Now new worries come into play, guardianships,housing, jobs, driving issues? permits? . What about their future. With so many changes it is hard to plan ahead, since Division of Developmental Disabilites is now changing to other divisions, or titles. After trying to plan ahead for the future, it seems to me that the agencies, don't have a plan either which is really frustrating. I was told that unless you have a major or physical disability or behavioral issue they don't have the resources to help (perform care NJ an offshoot of DDD). So how is a parent supposed to plan? Every week of so things change as do the programs.

 Hopefully they will get jobs where they will work more that 5 hours a week. Try and get a mentor for them. I guess look for housing now and hope that there are spots for your kids before they age out ( age 21).